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Did You Miss Me?

Hello there, bloggy blog,

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d pop in and drop a quick post. >>>More

What's The Deal With Closure?

Although closure is easy to understand in relatively simple terms, it was not until recently in my coding education that I discovered a few subtleties about the subject that clarified my understanding of it immensely. >>>More

It's OK To Be Wrong

Happy new year! Welcome to 2016. >>>More

A Word on Google Analytics

Spent a nice couple of weeks on holiday in Texas visiting Austin, San Antonio, and Del Rio. In between catching up, eating, and general merrymaking, I learned a neat little trick to better interpret and protect Google Analytics (GA) data and traffic. >>>More

Adventures in HTML Validation

It is pretty straightforward to plunk in a source file, URL or text input into Nu Html Checker and validate your markup to see that it cuts mustard. I recently reviewed the HTML for this site, and I have been generally obsessing about it and HTML outlines. >>>More

Early Coder Reading List

Here is an early coder resource focusing on Ruby, JavaScript and Rails development. As dead tree media tends to obsolescence, latest online editions should be sought out if possible. >>>More