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Static Site Generators Galore

Remember I posted about a few choice static site generators (SSG), built on the deliciously named JAM stack? Well, you’re in for a treat… >>>More

The Best Advice for Computer Science Students

So I’ve been back in academia for a while, (feeling like Rodney Dangerfield,) and I have noticed at least one super important aspect of writing code that seems to be overlooked by my classmates. >>>More

Updating Ye Olde Jekyll

I have not experienced the dreaded slow build times reported by other Jekyll users perhaps because I have not yet surpassed “critical mass” on posts.

However with so many shiny new static site generators (SSGs) out in the wild, it never hurts to take a another look. >>>More

12 Or So Must-Read Newsletters For Web Developers

If one wishes to stay abreast of the changing tech landscape in this age of decreased attention times and information overload, then a regular curated list of articles, links, or blog posts is invaluable.

In my humble opinion these are the top newsletters out today that concern web development and software/hardware tech.>>>More

Best 2018 Chicago Tech Events for Students

I’ve lived in Chicago three years so here are my favorite tech meetups and recurring events in terms of my interest and availability to students in general. Most require an RSVP. >>>More

From jQuery to Vanilla JavaScript

No disrespect to jQuery, a phenomenal and lasting tool, but I saw fit to extirpate it from my blog’s code. >>>More