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Freelance problem solver, hacker. This is my blog. Proud guardian of two cats, I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.

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WIP Large system in constant state of partial failure

Are u ready for the new year?

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My favorite Mac "hacks"

My fave OS H4X for Mac. >>>More

Running Linux on Chromebook using Crouton

Long before it became an actually built in option as it is now, it was only possible to retrofit a full scale Ubuntu installation on Chromebooks. These are my notes on installation gotchas for a complete developer environment on Ubuntu, including Zsh, Oh My Zsh, and Dropbox - all running via chroot Chromium OS. There are now better ways of accomplishing the same thing, but back then (just a few months ago) it was the only reliable way.>>>More

Static Site Generators Galore

Remember I posted about a few choice static site generators (SSG), built on the deliciously named JAM stack? Well, you’re in for a treat… >>>More

The Best Advice for Computer Science Students

So I’ve been back in academia for a while, (feeling like Rodney Dangerfield,) and I have noticed at least one super important aspect of writing code that seems to be overlooked by my classmates. >>>More