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12 Or So Must-Read Newsletters For Web Developers

If one wishes to stay abreast of the changing tech landscape in this age of decreased attention times and information overload, then a regular curated list of articles, links, or blog posts is invaluable.

In my humble opinion these are the top newsletters out today that concern web development and software/hardware tech. This list is a mix of development and design, software and hardware, news articles, tutorials, and blog posts.

The usual caveat that the Web is in a constant state of partial failure and is scattered with many defunct newsletters. Natural law states that this list of links will quickly become out of date. Let me know any suggestions via email or Twitter.

  • Hacker Newsletter Hacker News, condensed. Essential information and monthly job boards too.
  • CSS Animation Weekly All about CSS Animation.
  • Webdesigner Depot: Does what it says on the tin. Professional web designer newsletter, with articles on UI/UX, optimization, tooling, design trends, and free stuff.
  • CSS Tricks: E’nuff said.
  • React Status: Get your React on.
  • JavaScript Weekly: Can be a very interesting and educative time-sink.
  • FrontEnd Focus: What morphed out of the HTML5 Weekly newsletter.
  • Ruby Weekly: Maybe you are seeing a pattern here?
  • Web Tools Weekly: “Front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools. Each issue features a brief tip or tutorial, followed by a weekly round-up of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources to help front-end developers solve problems and be more productive.”
  • MIT Technology Review - The Download (weekday newsletter): “The mission of MIT Technology Review is to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism.” Robotics, AI, blockchain, self-driving vehicles, ethics in tech, cybersecurity and much more. Also offer other weekly newsletters on specialized topics.
  • Web Design Weekly: R.I.P.