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Book Review - Ruby Under a Microscope

Ruby Under a Microscope is a great primer into understanding the underlying mechanics of the Ruby language. It demystifies the “magic” surrounding seemingly simple things, for example parsing a string, and I’m a big fan of demystification. >>>More

Command Line Image Optimization

ImageOptim-CLI is a handy little command line tool (OS X only) by Jamie Mason / @fold_left that incorporates ImageAlpha, ImageOptim and JPGmini. It can be automated as a git pre-commit hook for fire and forget front end development, something I’ve found useful. >>>More

Natural Philosophy Redux

There is a grand adventure to be embarked upon every time a student asks a question and the mentor says: “I don’t know, let’s find out.” The chance to learn occurs at the moment of uncertainty by forcing the knowledge seeker to step out of their comfort zone and expose ignorance. Own ignorance. Keep uncovering new uncertainties to investigate. >>>More

Never Read The Comments

As a fun little project I started playing around with Firebase and this Jekyll blog. In a move I hope to not live to regret, I made it possible to submit comments! >>>More

Momentum Scrolling FTW!

The mobile experience for this page is responsive via relative sizing, images (such as they are) and media queries, but from Safari on iOS there was a distinct lack of snappiness in scrolling leading to a stagnant feeling. We must bring back the bounce! >>>More