Code or Die live to code

Expose Your Ignorance

Exposing your ignorance while learning a new discipline takes courage, humility and vulnerability. In fact I strive to do this in my posts; it is this blog’s raison d’être. >>>More

Think Computationally

A huge gulf exists between dabbling with code and really getting at the heart of a problem using dedicated computational thinking. This gap marks the main difference between the beginner and advanced learner of code. >>>More

How Google PageSpeed Insights Helped Optimize This Blog

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a simple and fast diagnostic tool that provides some very interesting and often revelatory suggestions for the front end developer. >>>More

Book Review - Ruby Under a Microscope

Ruby Under a Microscope is a great primer into understanding the underlying mechanics of the Ruby language. It demystifies the “magic” surrounding seemingly simple things, for example parsing a string, and I’m a big fan of demystification. >>>More

Command Line Image Optimization

ImageOptim-CLI is a handy little command line tool (OS X only) by Jamie Mason / @fold_left that incorporates ImageAlpha, ImageOptim and JPGmini. It can be automated as a git pre-commit hook for fire and forget front end development, something I’ve found useful. >>>More