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Static Site Generators Galore

Remember I posted about a few choice static site generators (SSG), built on the deliciously named JAM stack? Well, you’re in for a treat… just recently on website of repute Hacker News, (which I consume more often than not via the always informative Hacker Newsletter,) I found out about an awesome page that ranks all the open-source SSGs on GitHub, and another one that is a huge spreadsheet of hundreds of them!

Seriously hundreds of them - “The definitive listing of Static Site Generators — all 458 of them!” The most powerful feature here is the sorting projects by date created/updated. Listing by language is nice too.


The webapp StaticGen ranks all the open-source SSGs on GitHub filtered by Stars, Forks, Issues. Pretty darn neat.

The field of SSGs really has come a long way and we are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to serving up what the Web does best, which is deliver streams of plain text to the face as quickly as possible.


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