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Mongo Bongo

I really love the paradigm shift that happens when you start using new tools, and recently this happened to me with MongoDB. Here are a couple of gotchas that I wanted to document for my future self. >>>More

Don't Act Surprised

I had an experience recently in my coder education that I had previously only read about in blog posts and twitter stories. It is when you state your ignorance of a certain topic to someone, (be they a peer, mentor or manager,) and their first reaction is complete and utter surprise. “You don’t know about (some topic in software development)? WOW! OMG” >>>More

Did You Miss Me?

Hello there, bloggy blog,

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d pop in and drop a quick post. >>>More

What's The Deal With Closure?

Although closure is easy to understand in relatively simple terms, it was not until recently in my coding education that I discovered a few subtleties about the subject that clarified my understanding of it immensely. >>>More

It's OK To Be Wrong

Happy new year! Welcome to 2016. >>>More